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“2021 Business Tax Climate in the Mountain West” by Katie M Gilbertson, Peter Grema et al.

ContentNotable rankings changes for Kansas, Oregon, and New MexicoNorth Carolina Set to Become the Newest 0% Corporate Income Tax Rate StateTax Policy & CompetitivenessTaxes HomeSupporting balanced tax reforms that boost NC’s national and global competitiveness.Five Most Populous States and U.S. Average, 2013 Other states with multi-bracket systems include ...

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Blockchain and the future of accountancy

ContentQ Should we be concerned about the environmental impact of crypto mining?Is the real question not about bitcoin or even crypto currencies, but about blockchain and how that can change the world?Blockchain and the future of accountancy For example, the FCA does not yet know if it wants to treat crypto as foreign exchange or commodities. The crypto industry ...

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